About Us

Dear community members,

Welcome to Raindrop Helping Hands!

As Raindrop Foundation, we have established an aid program called Raindrop Helping Hands.  The purpose of the Helping Hands is to help the needy people and aid everyone affected by natural disasters in local areas and different parts of the world.

If you would like to extend a hand and make a donation, please go to “Ongoing Help Campaigns” page.

Warm regards.

Raindrop Helping Hands© has aims as explained below:

  • To develop and strengthen social responsibility, solidarity, aid, consciousness
  • To contribute in improving socioeconomic level of the society
  • To help with all forms of aid within our possibilites to people such as the needy, homeless, destitute, widowers, patients, orphans, veterans or the ones affected by catastrophes such as earthquake, flood, fire, etc. 

The purpose of Raindrop Helping Hands is to convey your contributions and donations to the needy people without discriminating on the basis of gender, nationality, religion, etc.