The Texas Antalya Friendship Commemorative Forest

Dear Community members, Raindrop Helping Hands asks your generous support for:

"The Texas Antalya Friendship Commemorative Forest"

Recently, fire destroyed approximately 9,800 acres of forested area in Antalya, Turkey. ( Because of the loss of thousands of trees, the people of the region have suffered a devastating loss. 

In an effort to revitalize the region, we have initialized a project to support a tree reforestation effort in the area. We would like to name the reforestation effort "The Texas Antalya Friendship Commemorative Forest."

Raindrop Helping Hands, in collaboration with the Antalya-Austin Sister City Community, Institute of Interfaith Dialog and Turkish American Women Association, will help to spearhead this effort. In order to financially support this initiative, we are hoping to see your support once again. Our aim is to raise enough money to replant two-thousand trees. If we are able to raise enough money to replant more than two-thousand trees, we would like to expand the program. Finally, we would like to start replanting trees in the spring of 2009.

As Raindrop Helping Hands, we believe this reforestation project will help for a lasting and sustainable environment in our beautiful planet.

If you want to contribute by donating $10.00 for every tree you want to plant, please click here and see the button that says "$10 per plant" on the left side of the page.

Come on, it's time to extend your hand! (August 24, 2008, Houston, TX)