TEXAS Needs Your Help: Wild Forest Fire Devastates Texas.

Six of the 10 largest wildfires in Texas history          occurred in 2011                                                        Fires in Texas in 2011: 19,556                                  Fires nationally in 2011: 56,485.                           Proportion of total national fires in 2011 that have occurred in Texas: 34.6 percent                                Acres burned in Texas in 2011: 3,669,800.               Acres burned nationally in 2011: 7,307,899               Proportion of total national acres that have burned in Texas: 50.2 percent

Texas is in the midst of its worst wildfire outbreak in state history. The Bastrop-area fire has been the largest of nearly 190 wildfires the forest service says erupted this week, leaving nearly 1,700 homes statewide in charred ruins, killing four people and forcing thousands of people to evacuate.

A relentless Texas wildfire in Bastrop County east of Austin destroyed 476 homes and has set a somber state record: The highest number of homes lost in a single fire in Texas history.

In the past seven days, Texas Forest Service has responded to 140 fires that have scorched more than 154,300 acres, including new large fires in Red River, Rusk, Camp and Hill counties. More than 1,300 homes and 20 businesses have been destroyed in Bastrop County alone.

Dear Friends,

Texas Needs Your Help: Forest Fire Devastates Texas. We are deeply saddened by the loss of lives and the damage because of the forest fire in Texas.

Raindrop Helping Hands launches a campaign that focuses on all aspects of the reforestation efforts, clean-up, upgrading equipment, and replanting trees that were destroyed in the fires.

Please send us your generous donation so that we can deliver it to those who are in need. Funds collected through the Helping Hands' account will be delivered to the authorized people in the U.S.

You can make your donations by:

* Check (Please make your checks payable to: "Raindrop Helping Hands" and place the memo as forest fire in Texas. The check should be sent to 9301 West Belfort Houston, Texas 77031)

* Google Checkout (Please log on to website http://raindropturkevi.org/helpinghands.You can see the Donate Thru Google Checkout button on the right side of the website and choose forest fire in Texas to make donation.) We appreciate your kind donations and even a small contribution will help is pain of the fire.