Texans Planted Friendship Trees in Turkey
At a ceremony organized by Raindrop Helping Hands, Texans planted friendship trees at Texas-Antalya Friendship Commemorative Forest in Turkey

After last year’s forest fire in the province of Antalya, Raindrop Helping Hands started a donation campaign in Texas. Helping Hands found out that the Ottoman Sultan the Aldulhamid II sent 300 golden coins when he was informed that there was a devastating fire in the U.S. back in 1894 and shared this information with the locals in Texas. Helping Hands’ initiative met with very good reception, resulting in 2,000 tree donation in total.
TAWA and Make a Child Smile at Children's Medical Center

tawa_childrens_medical_center.jpgTurkish-American Women Association (TAWA) in Dallas made a contribution to Raindrop Helping Hands's "Make A Child Smile" project.

A total of $667.00 of donation collected by the leadership of TAWA has been delivered to Children's Medical Center in Dallas for Oncology Division.

Executives from Oncology Divison at Children's Medical Center expressed their gratitude to TAWA and Raindrop Helping Hands and said that they have been delivering the best care possible to children from all over North Texas. (April 15, 2009, Dallas, TX)


We express our deepest condolences to Pakistan people
pakistan_front.jpg Raindrop Helping Hands expresses its deepest condolences to the Pakistani people for the tragic loss of life and the devastation wrought by the earthquake on October 28. The earthquake with a magnitude of 6.3 occured in the southwestern area of Pakistan and left 175 people dead and more than 10,000 people homeless. Our sympathy goes out to those families who have lost their loved ones. We stand by the victims and we support the government's good efforts to alleviate their sufferings and rebuild their livelihoods. (October 29, 2008, Houston, Texas)    
Raindrop Helping Hands aiding Ike victims

ike_32.jpgHoustonians need water and ice more than anything now... Many people still is without electricity... Clean potable water and ice for cooling the food are the essential supplies now. Today, Harris County announced 17 POD's (point of distribution) where people can get water, ice and some canned food.

We, as Raindrop Helping Hands, were at one of the biggest POD's, Harvest Time Church. Thanks to your contributions, we extended our hands as Turkish-American community to those in need. We delivered to the authorities one full truck-load of water and canned food. Our volunteers came from College Station area, all the way down to help.

Catastrophes can always be overcome hand in hand, helping each other and together. (September 16, 2008, Houston, TX)

Open for business in Houston: Supermarkets and big box retailers

open.jpgThe following Houston area grocery stores are reported to be open for business:
McCain's Market, 550 Heights Blvd.
10251 Kempwood, Houston
1621 Mason Road, Katy
19900 Hwy 59, Sugar Land
11815 Westheimer, Houston

Hurricane Ike Evacuation Update
Dear Houstonians, Hurricane Ike is moving towards Texas coast with strenthening on warm waters of Gulf of Mexico. Hurricane is expected to landfall along the central to upper Texas coast by as early as late Friday night as a Category 2 or Category 3 hurricane. Models are honing in on a landfall location from the Freeport-Lake Jackson area to Galveston, Texas. A strike in this portion of the Texas coast will provide dangerous, perhaps life-threatening impacts.

As a Raindrop Helping Hands we prepared ourselves to help you as we did in Katrina, Rita and Gustav Hurricanes.

The Texas Antalya Friendship Commemorative Forest

Dear Community members, Raindrop Helping Hands asks your generous support for:

"The Texas Antalya Friendship Commemorative Forest"

Recently, fire destroyed approximately 9,800 acres of forested area in Antalya, Turkey. ( Because of the loss of thousands of trees, the people of the region have suffered a devastating loss. 

Our deepest condolences to Burmese people


Raindrop Helping Hands expresses its deepest condolences to the Burmese people for the loss of life and the devastation wrought by the Tropical Cyclone Nargis on early Saturday, May 3.

Cyclone Nargis, one of the world's deadliest storm, caused almost 15,000 people dead and hundreds of thousands of them without shelter and clean water.   Our sympathy goes out to those families who have lost loved ones. We stand by the victims and we support the people's good efforts to alleviate their sufferings and rebuild their livelihoods. (May 5, 2008, Houston, Texas)  
Make A Child Smile Project
We also are collecting donations for the children to make them happy. You can help us donating bikes, toys or shoes with this project. If you would like to do so, please contact with us so that we can receive your donation and extend you a thanks letter.

We do not accept used shoes or toys. Bikes you want to donate do not have to be new but have to be in good condition and functioning.
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