Institute of Interfaith Dialog and Raindrop Turkish House Celebrated Kurban Bayrami

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turkish_house_2.jpgOn February 19, 2008 in Lawrence, Institute of Interfaith Dialog and Raindrop Turkish House Kansas City organized a wonderful event to celebrate the festival of Kurban Bayrami-the Feast of Sacrifice. The Ecumenical Christian Ministries graciously opened their doors and hearts to host this the event. More than 100 people from all walks of life- professors and students, preachers and laymen and politicians gathered together to share common ties that bind us together as humans. At the dinner delicious traditional Turkish food prepared by local families were served, and a wonderful meal and conversation was shared by all.  (February 19, 2008 Lawrence, KS)

Speakers included Robert Shelton, associate professor of religious studies, KU; Paul D. Schumaker, professor, political science, KU; Ed Stevenson; pastor, Shawnee Park Christian Church; and Gene Augustine; pastor, Village Presbyterian Church. A beautiful spirit of community and friendship was felt by all.