The House of Representatives of State of NM recognized the donation of Raindrop for Wild Fire in Lincoln County
Last year in June 2012, bone-dry conditions in New Mexico had produced two massive fires, one being the largest in the state's history. It has burned for weeks near the town of Ruidoso on the land of 43,000 acres and destroyed 242 homes and businesses. Right after the incident, Raindrop Helping Hands launched a campaign that focuses on all aspects of the reforestation efforts, clean-up, upgrading equipment, and replanting trees that were destroyed in the fires and donated $5000 to the Lincoln County to help repair damage caused by the Little Bear Fire.
On February 8, 2013 at Fifty-First Legislature and First Session, the House of Representatives of NM honored Raindrop with a certificate sponsored by Rep. Zachery J. Cook (Lincoln & Otero Counties) expressing the recognition of the House of Representatives to the Raindrop Foundation. At the session, Rep. Zachary Cook addressed to the House and said "The Raindrop Foundation has once again proven its dedication and friendship to the people of New Mexico". “Their support will help all those affected by the devastation of the fire, and their generosity will not be forgotten". The Executive Director of Raindrop Foundation gave some information about the foundation and said “as being a significant part of this community, we are very delighted to be able make a contribution to help repair the damage.” Following, he thanked to the House of Representatives for recognition of the donation. During the session, Raindrop was represented by Ahmet Tiryaki (a well-respected local businessman) and the Executive Director.The certificate was presented them by the Speaker of the House.
(February 13, 2013. Albuquerque, NM)