The Raindrop Foundation Hosted “Second Neighborhood Luncheon”

The "Second Neighborhood Luncheon" was held at the Raindrop Foundation on Wednesday, October 15th, 2014. The luncheon program began with a video that highlighted the activities of Raindrop Foundation followed by the welcoming remarks from Ersin Demirci. Proceeding the welcoming was a presentation made about RDF's "Helping Hands" program, Turkish language classes, Coffee Nights, the annual Turkish Festival, Friday Social Nights, and our luncheon series. The guests enjoyed the best examples of traditional Turkish cuisine and Turkish tea. The guests also had the opportunity to learn about some of the Foundation's activities, such as Turkish Olympiads and our previous Annual Dinners. This luncheon was a great way to get neighbors together to interact with one another. Memories and traditions are developed when we can simply sit at a table and share a meal with our friends. The luncheon will help further strengthen our relationship and build a strong, healthy, and vibrant neighborhood. The Raindrop Foundation believes that even in the smallest matters, one neighbor can help another which will allow all of us to benefit from our neighbor's good fortune.

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