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Raindrop Turkish House joined the rest of the cultural community of TCC

Raindrop Turkish House of Tulsa joined the rest of the cultural community of Tulsa Community College for the "Global Festival". The volunteers of Tulsa Raindrop Turkish House exhibited some posters from several parts†of Turkey and they shared brochures about the beautiful parts of their country. There was a video show and there were flyers of some of the activities such as Turkish Language Program and Turkish Food Cooking Classes. The Raindrop Turkish House served the traditional dessert baklava, cheese pastry and a potato pastry to the TCC community. (March 5,2009,Tulsa,OK)

Happy Ashure (Noah's Pudding) Day
dsc_0155_-_copy.jpg The Institute of Interfaith Dialog and The Raindrop Turkish House of Tulsa hosted Noah's Pudding Celebration on Saturday, January 31st at their office in Tulsa. Turkish community of Tulsa served several foods including Mediterranean Salad, several different pastries and the Noah's Pudding. Many families from different religious and cultural backgrounds joined this celebration. Jews, Christians and Muslims were represented in this lovely event. As the tradition of celebrating Noah's Pudding, the participants valued Neighborhood through sharing and having dialog. (January 31,2009,Tulsa,OK)

Turkish class already started

Turkish is the 5th biggest language spoken in the world. There are more than 200 million people speaking Turkish.
Turkish language is written in Latin alphabet and pronounced as it is written. Therefore, it is easy to learn and to pronounce.
Raindrop Turkish Language Program offers Turkish courses from elemantary to advanced levels
Turkish Lessons at Raindrop aim to develop all five skills namely listening, speaking, reading, writing and culture.Turkish class is starting soon.If you are interested in turkish class please contact us and learn about thre class an schedules.

Next Cooking class is coming soon
copy_of_cooking_c-4.jpgThe Turkish cooking classes are a great way to try delicious, new foods and never feel like you've left the comfort of your own kitchen.Raindrop Turkish House of Tulsa is hosting Turkish Food Cooking Classes.The attendees learn how to cook Turkish foods through a demo from the experts. The cooked foods are enjoyed at the end of each class. Please come join us for this great event.† The next class will take place on Sunday, February 15th at 2 p.m. at the office of the Raindrop Foundation. Contact the Raindrop Foundation with any questions.
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