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The Turkish community in  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma congregated at the Raindrop Turkish House for the Kurban Bayram (Eid-ul-Adha) celebrations hosted by Raindrop Turkish House. The guests of Turkish House included but were not limited to natives of Turkey, Kosovo, and Karadag, and the Ahiskan Turks.
Around 100 people   gathered early in the evening for the special Bayram dinner. Adults greeted and embraced one another wholeheartedly; kids and adolescents honored the hand-kissing custom (kissing an adult's right hand and placing it on one's forehead), while wishing their elders Bayram greetings and being awarded by a Bayram tip in return. The food offered included kavurma, pilaf ,baklava and Turkish delight. The children performed some short plays, sang songs and read peoms.  Turkish House contributed to festivities by making it more fun for the kids, the real joys of Bayram