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12th Annual Turkish Food and Craft Festival

Join us for an all day long fun!

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Here it is again, our spring festival!

We invite you all to taste and shop delicious home-made Turkish appetizers, dishes, pastries and desserts! Baklava will be served all day long, yes!

Turkish tea and coffee..  Will be fresh made and served in traditional cups! Turkish delights (lokum) along with the coffee!

Unique traditional art demonstrations.. Ebru (watermarbling) and caligrahy booths will be demonstrating during the festival!

It will be a great day for kids, too! So many games and activities! Jumphouse, pony rides, clown shows, face painting and cartoonist.. Ice-cream, popcorn, lemonade, cotn candy, apple candy, popsickles and more!

Traditional Turkish music and folk dances..

Home-made bazaar, craft booths, guest organizations and vendors.. Turkish jewelery, clay art and ceramics..

What else to ask for for a great day?

Join us on April 16th friends and be a part of this "once a year" fun!!

Click and see our pictures from last year!

Looking ahead to a new year with you all!


Save the Date for the 14th Annual International Festival of Language and Culture Southwest USA in Houston Texas.

iflctxRaindrop Foundation is happy to announce that 14th Annual International Festival of Language and Culture Southwest USA Gala will be held on Saturday February 6, 2106 from 2:00 pm. to 4:00 pm. at Hobby Center in Houston Texas.  The festival is an annual celebration and showcase for the diversity of linguistic talents from across the world. It is dedicated to cultivate and educate the youth and create a platform to share their cultural heritage with their peers around the world. It is our mission to rise on the wings of art and music and promote peace, love, and cultural encounters through the world.

Whose side are you on ?

Bastrop Fire Relief

There is a story in folklore about father Abraham.  Surrounded by fires of evil, his fate appeared certain.  Into this scene flew a little bird, with a beak full of water to drop on the fire.  Abraham thanked the tiny creature, but wondered what effect just a small gift of water would have on the fire.  The little bird chirped cheerfully, “It may not put out the fire, but I wanted you to know whose side I am on.”

Iftar Dinner with Austin Police Department

IMG 5458It has been a tradition in recent years that Raindrop Turkish House hosts Austin Police Department executive staff for an iftar dinner during the month of Ramadan. Assistant Chief Jessica Robledo , Assistant Chief Todd Smith and 11 other executive officers have attended to the evening this year. 

Filiz Camuz, Raindrop Women's Association Executive Director, welcomed the guests and gave them brief introduction about Raindrop Turkish House and some information about fasting.  She also presented a coffee set to Jessica Robledo as a tooth rent which is another tradition in Turkish culture. The fallen Sgt. Christopher Kelly who was killed in the previous week while he is on duty, was remembered during the program. The roomful guests had a moment of silence for him. 


Chief Robledo expressed her feeling about the condolences email that she received from Turkish community. She said that it warmed her heart when she saw the email and she mention how meaningful to hear good things while they are being criticized for most of the time.  

By the time of sunset, everyone enjoyed the food prepared by Raindrop Turkish House volunteers. Officers gave chief officer stickers to all children at the dinner. The evening was ended with group pictures and warm wishes. 


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