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Coffee Night with Brynn Biddle

IMG 2279Last Saturday, October 25th, Raindrop Women's Association organized Austin Ladies' Coffee Night that was held at Raindrop Turkish House.Breast cancer awareness was a theme of the evening since October was National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Ladies from all over the world were present in the room decorated with pink and ribbons.The evening started with open buffet dinner with dishes from delicious Turkish cuisine.

The master of the evening, Gee Clark, opened the program by welcoming the guests. Before moving on to speeches, a group picture was taken with everyone wearing pink that night.
Adel Altynbaeva, RAWA representative, gave a short speech about Raindrop's mission and events organized throughout the year. 
The keynote speaker, Brynn Biddle, made a presentation about Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation and breast cancer awareness. It was interesting to learn how common this type of cancer among women is and the fact that even men can get breast cancer was surprising for many. She gave information about the importance of early detection and mentioned about prevention, screenings and treatment of breast cancer.
Raindrop Foundation is pleased to announce our participation in a blanket drive organized by Embrace Relief in collaboration with the Northern Virginia Regional Commission (NVRC).

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It is an effort to collect blankets for refugees who have fled Syria and Iraq for Turkey due to the erupting violence in Syria and Iraq. The effort is to help Syrian and Iraqi refugee families in need during the harsh winter months what will soon be upon them.

Last year, 18,000 blankets were collected and shipped to Turkey. Since 2013, the crisis in Syria has only grown worse with now more than one million Syrian refugees living in Turkey alone. Refugee camps have outgrown their capacity and refugees are surviving on makeshift shelters in border cities. Now, with further unrest in the area, Iraqi refugees have started fleeing to Turkey causing the amount of people in dire need to multiply by the thousands on a regular basis.

The blanket drive will take place from November 1, 2014 through November 22, 2014. We ask for your support in our effort to provide warmth to these people in need.

Raindrop Foundation is participating in this aid program with monetary donation. Please consider that the cost of one blanket is $10.00 when you are making your monetary donation for this aid program.

You may go on to and find “Donate Blanket Drive for Syrian/Iraqi Refugees” button.

Please remember that every dollar donated counts. Your contributions will be used to provide a blanket and go towards the purchase of basic necessities required for caring for the Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Turkey.

Raindrop Foundation is grateful for your donations and support for this humanitarian effort.

With kind regards,


Austin Ladies' Coffee Night is on the corner!

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RAWA Book Club meeting - October


Fall Cooking Class First Part is done Succesfully

IMG 1117The first part of Turkish Cuisine class series is completed at Raindrop Turkish House for this Fall semester. Turkish Cuisine Class-Dinner Menu was a class offered by Austin Community College. The participants registered through ACC earned 1 credit for attending all 12 hours of the course. 12-14 students attended this class for 4 weeks.

Dinner Menu themed class consisted of 16 recipes. Each week's menu was perfectly arranged for a complete dinner table. The students tried traditional dishes like baklava, Turkish dumplings, toothpick kebab, red lentil soup and stuffed eggplant among others. Each week's menu also included one kind of salad and dessert.


RAWA cooking class team put full effort to make this class fun and informative, with lots of opportunities for students to get involved in the cooking process. Assembling of stuffed eggplant dish and forming of tiny Turkish dumplings were especially creative. Participants took their notes and some of them successfully tried class recipes at home. One of the students was a vegetarian and RAWA's chef creatively adapted some recipes to be meat-free for her. The most fun part was probably at the end of each class when entire group got to eat together and socialize.

The next cooking class will start on Oct 10th. There will be 12 new recipes for special occasions menus. Registration is available through ACC.  Click Here to register.

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