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Austin Police Chief visit Raindrop Turkish House

austin polis sefi.JPGAustin Police Department Chief Art Acevedo visited with prominent Turkish Austinites at the Raindrop Turkish House. A warm conversation took place around home made Turkish dinner. Chief Acevedo talked about the importance of diversity and how it makes for a stronger society. He also mentioned his roots in Columbia and how the United States is a unique place where people of all backgrounds have equal opportunities to reach any position.†(February 12, 2009)

Cultural Courses from Austin Community College


Do you want to cook one of the best cuisines in the world?

Do you want to speak one of the most spoken languages in the world?

Do you want to learn about the second biggest and yet the most misunderstood religion?†††††††††††

Austin Community College Continuing Education Program offers a great opportunity for you. Take Turkish Cuisine, Turkish Language, and Introduction to Islam classes from ACC to enrich your cultural knowledge. Participants of these classes will receive a certificate from the Austin Community College.

Please see the attached flyer for more information


The food and craft fair organized by raindrop Turkish house has been a visited by many Austinites on dec-13, 2008.

The visitors at the fair had the opportunity to taste traditional Turkish food. Furthermore traditional Turkish handcrafts were on play for the visitors.

Entertaining activities like moon walk were provided for the children. The goal of this kind of activities which Raindrop Foundation organizes is to introduce Turkish culture to the Americans and as well as improving the friendship between Turks and Americans.

Annual Food & Craft Fair
food_craft_fair austin.jpg

Let's meet at Turkish Kermis(Fair)

You can find unique hand craft items from Turkey and delicious authentic Turkish food! Turkish towels, jewelry, clothing and home decor items; as well as tasty dolmas, pastries, baklawas and more...

Do not miss this one!

Place: Raindrop Turkish house

Time:Saturday December 13th 2008 (11am -6 pm)

Turkish CEO of Silicon Labs Meets with Turkish Austinites at the Raindrop Turkish House
IMG_5092 ceo.jpg

Turkish CEO of Silicon Labs Meets with Turkish Austinites at the Raindrop Turkish House.

Dr. Necip Sayiner the Turkish CEO of Silicon Laboratories, a semiconductor company based in Austin, was the guest of honor at an evening with Turkish Austinites. The meeting was well attended by Turkish-Austinite professors, engineers, businessman, and students.
After a traditional homemade Turkish dinner the guests had the oppurtunity to listen to the success story of Turkish born Sayiner. The informal conversation focused around the differences and similarities of Turkish and American bussiness culture as well as suggestions for those early in their carriers. Dr. Sayiner answered questions ranging from very general such as the state of the economy to very personal as to what part of his job he liked and disliked most.
The night ended with a tour of the Raindrop Turkish House and comments from Dr. Sayiner on how blessed the Turkish community is to have a such center to get together

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