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Nasrettin Hodja Was In Corpus Christi

DSC_0464On Saturday May 26th, Raindrop Turkish House visited the Corpus Christi Clotilde P. Garcia public library to tell and act out Nasreddin Hodja jokes during the Storytime. After a short informative presentation about Nasreddin Hodja made by Raindrop Turkish House Women Association representative, Nasreddin Hodja jokes were acted out by Jason Dykehouse who is a theater teacher at a middle school. Both children and adult audiences were entertained a lot by the Turkish folk hero Nasreddin Hodja's jokes. After the performance, kids enjoyed a variety of Turkish snacks. They said that they were looking forward to the next program. (May 26th 2012,Corpus Christi,TX)

Raindrop Corpus Christi Participated In Multicultural Festival

26Raindrop participated in Multicultural Festival in Corpus Christi. Council of Cultures organized a Multicultural Festival at the Heritage Park. Raindrop as a member of Council of Cultures participated in the Festival. All members showed some pieces of their cultures. Folk Dance teams and singers were performing during the Fest. Raindrop Folk Dance (Horon) team who performed on the stage drew applause from the audiences. Raindrop also served traditional foods like doner, baklava, su boregi, borek, sarma, kisir, pogaca, other pastries and Turkish Coffee during the Festival. Our old traditional sofa group (sark kosesi) attracted the visitors' attention. They had been taken pictures with old traditional dresses and took a rest on the sofas when they were sipping/enjoying their Turkish coffees.

Mother's Day Was Celebrated In Raindrop Community Center

DSC_0417"Raindrop Women Association hosted around fourty ladies from the different walks of life in the Mother's Day celebration on May 12th at 6 pm. The night started with a lovely dinner enriched with homemade Turkish food along with the interesting conversations. Mayor's wife Kathy Adame and Attorney Michelle Villareal-Kuchta who is running for judge were the speakers. A sample of traditional marbling art on a tile and a scene from Istanbul on a cast have been presented to the distinguished speakers. After a short presentation about the Mother's Day, a plaquette has been presented to the Mother of the Year chosen by the Raindrop Turkish House. The reason for LeMonne Spiering has been chosen as the Mother of 2012 was that she has been hosting many international children. Nickname given by her international children is "other mother." She really cares about them and still contacts with them. She even has some grandchildren from those international children." She emotionally cried when she got the plaquette."  After Alejandra Mena who sang a song in Spanish for her mother, the guests were treated to chocolates under which a piece of paper with a proverb about mother was stuck. Each guest shared their proverb with the others. Then, yes/no (evet/hayir) game was played; nobody won the game last night but they still got small souvenirs from Turkey. The night has been ended by sipping Turkish coffee at the oriental corner. Roses presented to the guests completed the night elegantly."

(May 12th 2012,Corpus Christi,TX)

We Hosted Police Department Chief Floyd Simpson And Members

DSC_0312Raindrop Turkish House hosted Police Department Chief Floyd Simpson and members from his team at our center on Thursday, May 10, 2012. Police Chief Simpson and all other guests were provided information about Raindrop Turkish House and its activities at Corpus Christi. The visit went in a very friendly and warm atmosphere where everybody enjoyed the conversation and traditional Turkish cuisine.

(May 10th 2012,Corpus Christi,TX)

Raindrop Helping Hands Served Dinner At Ronald McDonald House

DSC_0255Raindrop Helping Hands served dinner at the Ronald McDonald House in Corpus Christi. About 50 patient relatives were benefited from the service, and they expressed their appreciations to Raindrop Turkish House Helping Hands volunteers . Raindrop Helping Hands will continue to serve for communities. We would like to thank to our volunteers.

(April 28th,2012 Corpus Christi,TX)

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