Raindrop Turkish House at Dallas invites you to attend the fascinating cultural art performance of Whirling Dervish on Saturday, March 12th


Raindrop Turkish House at Dallas, Texas, will be holding Whirling Dervish show this Saturday night at 7 pm. While a Turkish musician plays devotional Sufi music with the unique instrument of ‘ney’ or reed flute, a Dervish will spin on a stage representing a highly spiritual nature of Sufis with his traditional dress on. Light refreshment will be served as well as babysitting will be available. If you would like to enjoy this fascinating cultural event with your family and friends, we will be happy to host you at the Raindrop Turkish House in Dallas.

The Whirling Dervish, also known as Sufi whirling, is a folkloric stage show performed by Semazens who represent the Mevlevi order of Sufi fraternity. Started as a spiritual ritual in around 12th century Turkey, Sufi whirling now serves as a powerful display that is performed in a trans-like state.

Every spin and every body position of a whirling dervish is a deliberate intentional gesture of spirituality. When a Semazen spins, his right hand faces upward which symbolizes the revelation of God that comes from the sky, while his left hand faces downward which points to the earth where all creatures live. So, as the Dervish whirls, he symbolizes a general idea in Islam that spirituality should focus on sharing whatever comes from God through His revelations of Prophets with the people on earth.

The artistic performance of whirling dervishes is not only one of Turkey’s rarest treasures but it is also one of UNESCO’s masterpieces of oral and intangible heritage of humanity.