Successful Cooking Class Final

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1A cooking contest held at the Raindrop Turkish House El Paso on April 21, Saturday.  The contestants were 3 El Pasoan friends who love Turkish Cuisine and the juries were 5 ladies; two Turkish and 3 Elpasoan ladies. The contestants baked ‘sekerpare’, cookies with sugar syrup. While they were waiting for cookies to be baked, the guests had some fun with other little contests such as balling as many cookies as they can in three minutes. Miss Sanchez, the winner of the contest, was given a Turkish plate. Besides, the other contestants and the juries were given some prizes as well, such as handmade Turkish scarves, Turkish snacks and candies, and some Turkish ornaments for kitchen. With the excitement of the cooking contest, the Raindrop Ladies had another fun day by enjoying the conversations with friends and the luscious Turkish food.(4/25/2012)