1st Annual Turkish Food and Crafts Festival at Texas Tech University - April 20

Turkish Student Association (TSA), in collaboration with Raindrop Turkish House, organized the first annual Turkish Food and Crafts Festival in the free speech area between the SUB and the Library, on April 20. The festival which many different types of rich Turkish cuisine and crafts sold were very much appreciated by approximately 2000 visitors, including students, faculty and staff members from Tech and also people from the Lubbock community.

In the festival, there was a small sample from the authentic Turkish cuisine, such as cyro kabap(doner), Turkish pastries, stuffed vine leaves(sarma), Turkish ravioli(manti), cakes, desserts(baklawa) and more of those. In addition to the food, there was an art section which the amazing traditional Turkish art (water marbling) was demonstrated. Many of the attendees liked this wonderful painting on the water. In the gift shop section, they saw and bought different types of souveniers for themselves and their friends. More importantly, in the Ottoman tent, they enjoyed travelling in the history with Turkish ancestors. One of the volunteers represented a King, and his wife represented his wife (first lady), and they have more information about the Ottoman Empire, their lifestyles, and geographical locations.

(April 20,2012 Lubbock,TX)

Some of the visitors expressed their feelings in their own facebook, twitter or personal webpages. For example, Melinda Mason, one of the visitors in her facebook page, said "WOW! Just got home from the festival and it was fabulous! So much fun! Y'all did such a lovely job putting this on!". Texas Tech University announced the event in their twitter page, "Meet Lubbock's Turkish community at today's festival! Happening until 5p in the plaza between the library and SUB!"

As Turkish Student Associaton, We would like to thank all our volunteers helping us preparing such a wonderful event. We would like to thank Raindrop Turkish House for supporting us. And, we would like to thank all the attendees visiting the event.

We are hoping to have a much better one next year.