Silk Road Festival is on the way!

Dear Friends,

Silk Road Festival is on the way!
The Turquoise Council of Americans and Eurasians in collaboration with
Raindrop Foundation are organizing Silk Road Festival on October 4-7, 2012
between 10:00 am. and 10:00 pm. at Stafford Center, 10505 Cash Rd.
Stafford, TX 77477.

Highlights will be:

Live performances, Turkic and Central Asian Art, Food,
Children Attractions, Country representation booths, Shopping and more!..

Get Ready for Family Fun at Silk Road Festival!

Country Exhibition Booths
The rich heritage of such Turkic sister nations as Turkey, Azerbaijan,
Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Uzbekistan.

The Turkish coffee: A symbol of lasting friendship
According to the famous Turkish proverb, “A Single Cup of Coffee is
remembered for 40 Years”.

The Turkish Baklava and a cup of Turkish TEA
Such a Taste that you will never forget through your life!

The Turkish delight
A sweet candy from Turkey which was featured in the book "The Lion, the
Witch, and the Wardrobe".

Booths may tempt you with inexpensive souvenirs, evil-eye ornaments and

colorful scarves. But the best souvenirs are the fine carpets and
hand-painted ceramics that you can envision becoming family heirlooms.

Turkic and Central Asian dance and live performances
Traditional Anatolian Turkish Folk dance and live performances from Turkic

Enjoy the Art Festival!
The artistic demonstrations of water marbling, calligraphy, illuminations,
and ceramic art!

Fun for Kids!
KIDS can enjoy all sorts of activities from clowns, storytelling, coloring,
face painting and games to cotton candy, special Turkish waffle treats, ice
cream, delights, and more.