Friendship Dinner by Raindrop - NW Houston

MainPhotoMainPhoto2On Thursday September 25, Raindrop Turkish House Northwest Branch hosted Annual Friendship Dinner. The dinner was a great success as friends of the Raindrop Turkish house filled the WFUD Building with their enthusiasm for friendship, understanding and learning from each other.

The program started with a greeting by Ms. Anita Garibovic. Attendees were invited to taste delicious samples of Turkish Cuisine prepared by Raindrop Volunteers. After the dinner the keynote speaker of the dinner, Kristen Clark was invited to make her speech.

Kristen Clark, an author, speaker and gratitude and self–esteem expert, made a wonderful speech about the community and personal well-being. Her insights made everyone think about the importance of community, caring and helping each other. Her perspective not only reflected altruism and caring among human beings but also other residents of our planet who live in harmony. Raindrop Turkish House is hoping that her informative and insightful speech inspired the attendants of this dinner for future harmony and peace in our community.

Raindrop Turkish House represented a traditional Turkish tile art to Mrs. Kristen Clark as an appreciation of her contribution for the night.

The program continued with a power point presentation about Raindrop Turkish House Northwest Branch. Dr. Kamile Dindar-Yagci informed the guests about the Northwest Branch and introduced future programs and coordinators.

Mr. Victor Schill , from Fairbanks Public Library also shared his thoughts about the dinner and gave information about his branch’s library programs.

Ms.Anita Garibovic thanked everyone for their attendance and closed the program.